It was an amazing group of girls who participated in the launch of our youth program She Wins! in Orlando, FL.  27 young ladies ranging in age from 11 to 17 years old participated in our 2-hour program. The first hour was classroom time where Chief Chick, Lesley Batson shared her story about her passion for sports and why she believes it is important for girls to get involved in team sports.  She then distributed a short story from the curriculum that was written by Jeanette Lee who is a world champion billiards player (also known as ‘The Black Widow’).  Lee experienced discrimination as a child and her story was about diversity. We had a healthy discussion with the girls about embracing differences in others and being encouraging instead of discriminating against those who might look, speak or do something different from them.  We also did a short activity where the girls wrote a poem called ‘Who Am I’ and they wrote about who they are. Some of the girls shared their poems with the group and everyone had a great time.

We then moved outside for the second half of the program to the practice golf facility at the Callahan Center in the Parramore neighborhood.  The girls were provided basic instruction on how to grip the golf club and drive the ball.  It was warm outside but overall, the unanimous sentiment was that everyone learned something new and had a great time!

Here are a few pictures from the day:


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