Lesley Batson

“The mission of Fanatchicks Care, Inc. is to improve women and girl’s access to sports and fitness.  The education of sports fosters leadership and facilitates the process for more women and girls to be able to participate in organized sports and have a winning start in life”.

~ Chief Chick, Lesley Batson


Fanatchicks’ goal is to introduce girls and young women to sports for fitness and character-building which gives them a solid foundation to go through life.  We will do this through our She Wins! program where we invite girls who attend schools without sports programs or have an interest in sports, to come out to learn and grow.  For 12 weeks we will introduce them to various sports and coach them on the rules to help to develop their game.

The girls will experience and learn about sportsmanship, leadership, social skills and will see their self-esteem and confidence soar.  At the end of the 12 weeks, each participant has an opportunity to join an established local league/team to continue to further develop their skills.  We will continue to support eligible participants with transportation, equipment and registration fees.  We launched the program in Orlando, FL with golf, field hockey and tennis but will expand it to include many other sports and to other cities.




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